Uncover Taiwan

          You’ll find different ethnic groups living together on the island of Taiwan, and they all show great wisdom by how they’ve adjusted their lifestyles in various environments based to seasonal changes. This leads to a diverse and rich culture where crafts are reflecting their lives.

These days, the agricultural society has become the past and everything is about commercial and industrial developments. A lot of people want natural materials, craftsmanship and arts and culture and are willing to pay close attention to the inseparable connection between the land and solar terms. Crafts and new cultural tours are getting popular. This modern, thriving and totally happening island-nation boasts more attractions than many countries much bigger than it.

This beautiful city is made up of arrays of magnificent temples and gilded pagodas, an ancient culture infused with a vibrant modernity, an outstanding cuisine and sensational natural treasures, Taiwan is a pocket-rocket of highlights, as varied and addictive as its most beautiful cities. This makes Taiwan to be widely seen as one of the hottest travel destinations in the world.

Exploring Taiwan's Craftsmanship

Are you a fan of visiting museums, art exhibitions, or discovering traditional cultures when traveling? If yes, then you will absolutely love it in Taiwan. Here, the Chinese and Japanese influence on traditional Taiwanese arts and crafts can be easily found.

Best things to do in Taiwan

Lantern Release in Pingxi

A lot of people enjoy this popular event that happens in most Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Paper lanterns are mostly released into the sky at night. The lantern festival that takes place in Pingxi district is one of the popular festivals often takes place in Taiwan.

Natural Hot Springs

Sure, lying on a tectonic joint has its disadvantages but when you soak in one of the many natural hot springs scattered about Taiwan, you won’t be able to think of any. The sheer number of natural mineral hot springs here is outstanding and the Japanese legacy of enjoying them at every chance means that you could, literally, spend your entire holiday just soaking in one.

Visiting Monasteries

For a more traditional dose of holy-ness, but no less bling, visit the Chung Tai Chan and Fo Guang Shan monasteries. The Chung Tai Chan is considered as the true Kardashian of the Taiwanese monastery-cache. It is bold, bling and glitzy, and is a feast for the eyes and since they are new, they are undiscovered by foreigners.

Fo Guang Shan monastery is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan and it takes quite a few hours to peruse and on a guided tour you’ll learn all about the order and the charitable work they do. It is a beautiful temple in a very picturesque setting.

Sun Moon Lake

The Taiwan of postcards, Sun Moon Lake is a high-altitude lake in the foothills of the central mountains and has some of the dreamiest landscapes in the entire country. With its crystal clear waters and steep mountainous backdrop, not to mention various hiking trails, the lake is the side of Taiwan the world needs to see.

Liuhe Night Markets

Having over 300 famous night markets in Taiwan, you can begin with the Liuhe Night market. Here, you will get exotic trinkets and handicrafts, feast on piping hot pork dumplings, beef noodles and all manner of delicious mysteries. It is considered as one of the most visited markets in Taiwan. It is ideal if visiting Taiwan for the first time.