For over two decades, WOKY has been using its hardware processing knowledge and thermal engineering passion to create sophisticated products that improve your quality of life. Each BPA-free thermal bottle in our collection is born at the hands of skilled Taiwanese craftsmen, inspired by aesthetical beauty and driven by unprecedented quality that lasts. We are committed to quality, which is evident in each design in our collection. We hope you enjoy using our products just as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!


The WOKY collection offers the only one-piece ceramic thermos flasks of the kind. Each is lightweight yet sturdy and durable while empowering you to live a healthier, eco-friendlier lifestyle. An integrated mouthpiece on each BPA-free flask makes it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite beverages. Wide lids offer generous sips, with a splash- and leak-proof design.

The perfect sip

WOKY is here to improve your quality of life, with bottles that deliver the sturdiness of steel but with ceramic instead - just like your favorite coffee mugs. Our revolutionary water bottles replace traditional stainless steel inners with a ceramic counterpart, meaning no more weird metal tastes. Keep hot drinks hot for longer, and cold drinks cool for up to 6 hours, with the ultimate ceramic thermal flask collection. In fact, WOKY bottles will even keep carbonated drinks, well, carbonated!