Unseen Select x WOKY Collection Ceramic Thermos 500ml (17oz)

Color: Nude Pink

Available in four exciting colors, from plain white through to nude pink, WOKY puts the CERAMIC in your heart, with WOKY THERMOS 500ml (17oz) BPA-free flasks designed especially with taste buds/health in mind. This flask preserves the original flavor of your drink and cold drinks colder for longer, and hot drinkers warmer - but not to worry. Advanced engineering means this thermal flask structure won’t leak unexpectedly.






  • Protective: Double-walled & vacuum insulated, keeps drinks hot/cold for 6 hours
  •  Portable: Integrated carry handle and one-piece cap (Patented in Taiwan)
  •  Capacity: Holds 500ml / 17oz of liquid (More than large cup of coffee)
  •  Thin: 1.6mm slim porcelain (Equivalent thickness of 13 sheets of paper)
  •  Clean: Doesn't absorb metal tastes, rust-free, no odors, no bacteria or staining
  •  Eco-friendly: 100% reusable, certified BPA free and long lasting for years
  •  Exclusive Range of Colors: Fog Black, Nude Pink, White Ink, Forest Green


Let's Talk About Why Some Drinks Taste of Metal

The bottle's material you choose will have an impact on your drinks flavor. It can also be a potential breeding ground for bacteria, staining, rust and contain foul smells.

Generally, there are four main bottle options to choose from: 

  •  Plastic - Over time, plastic stains whilst absorbing odors and flavors 
  •  Stainless Steel  - Sometimes imparts off flavors and doesn’t work with citric liquids
  •  Glass - Sometimes contains lead and usually cannot withstand high temperatures
  •  Ceramic - It is neutral and neither absorbs nor imparts flavors


The unique selling proposition is WOKY's one-piece design.  The screw-thread and inners are all-ceramic, meaning drinkers don't have to worry about the harm of adhesives. 

This means drinks stay pure. No metal taste added to liquids inside the bottle or the opening because it's all ceramic. Whilst the patented design means it's easy to clean.  This double wall, vacuum insulated bottle will help keep beverages cold and hot for 6+ hours.

Soaking your previous smelly bottle in hot water or soda, is a temporary solution to a permanent problem!

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